The Best Free Blogging Platforms for Newbies

free blog platformsNow that you have made up your mind that you want to start a blog and assuming you now have a topic that is close to your heart, deciding on where to put your content is the next move that should be on your list. There are a lot of options available online where you can host your blog. For starters, if you do not want to spend on anything at first, then you should go for the free options. These hosts can be in different platforms (hey, WordPress is just one of these platforms) and it’s up to you where you think you’re most comfortable in. Continue reading

Why Would You Want to Start a Blog?

starting a blogI have long been blogging around 2005. I am really not the type who’s comfortable introducing myself as the person behind that website. Anyway, after so many horrendous Google updates that affected the traffic of some of my sites, I decided to come up with something that will annotate my experiences for past years.

Everyone has Facebook, Twitter and all sorts of social media accounts that will respond to their need to remember, share or even brag about every mundane event that happened in their daily lives. The news for you is that everything you put in Facebook is content. And each time you add your content, you make Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other website that thrive on user-generated content grow. Continue reading

Surviving DDOS Attacks on Shared Hosting

ddos attackYour life as a blogger wouldn’t be complete without experiencing being attacked by unknown elements. Less than a month ago, one of our sites was randomly picked to become a recipient of a worldwide DDOS attack sent by a botnet. Distributed denial-of-service attack (DDOS) happens when something is screwing with your network resources (in our case – our hosting bandwidth and cPanel process limits). Researching about the type of attack – I was certain the attackers were computers that were infected with the Pushdo virus. You can read all about the botnet here.

Our site was hosted on a shared host I would not name. Naturally, they went crazy over resource abuse that this attack made on their systems. They closed the cPanel account until we resolved this matter. Continue reading

Pinoy Blogger Guide to Using Wordpress